White with brown on head
3 years

Meet Dotty! Dotty can be a little shy and nervous in new places, but she is very loving and sweet once she gets to know you. 

Once Dotty feels more comfortable, she will want to be around you all the time. She loves to walk around your feet and likes to sit in your lap or lay on your chest and purr away! Dotty gets along great with her foster family's gentle dog–they are cuddle buddies! She is also very curious and calm around other friendly cats. 

Dotty's favorite toys include anything with feathers or string, and toy mice she can chase around the house. When she's not playing or cuddling with her sister, Dotty likes to explore around her foster home. 

Dotty would love to be adopted with her sister Betty, or into a home with another friendly cat. Dotty may do well in a home with a cat-friendly dog as long as they were slowly introduced. 

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