Seal Point
3 years

Meet Cub! This adorable boy is playful and very affectionate. Cub had his right eye removed due to an infection, but it doesn't seem to bother him too much. He does sometimes have a lack of depth perception where he jumps up and misses, but most of the time he does just fine!

Cub might be a little shy around children at first, but he is pretty outgoing in general. Cub loves doing just about everything with his brother, Snowy. They sleep together, prefer to eat out of the same bowl, groom each other and wrestle all day!

Cub loves chasing string toys, drinking out of the faucet and getting his tummy rubbed. He is talkative and can be a bit of a lap cat once he's tired from playing around. He also enjoys being brushed, doesn't mind getting his nails trimmed (treats help!) and he likes being held.

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Snowy and Cub

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