Brown tabby with white
1 year

Meet Cinnamon! Cinnamon is a very curious and playful kitten. She can be shy and cautious around new people and prefers attention on her own terms. Even though she doesn't enjoy being picked up, she will tolerate it once she's warmed up to you. Cinnamon is very skittish around young children and loud noises, so she would do best in a home with older children or no children at all.

Cinnamon loves to perch up high on cat trees and take in the world around her. Her favorite toys are wand toys, balls and curly plastic coils. She also loves to play, wrestle and chase her kitten siblings all around her foster's home—which is as cute as it sounds. Want to hear something even cuter? Once she’s all tuckered out, Cinnamon will nap with her foster family's adult cats and her siblings.

Because Cinnamon feels more comfortable around other cats than she does with humans, she would be the perfect match for someone looking to adopt a feline friend for their current cat or kitten. Cinnamon may not be too keen on humans, but she will provide hours of entertainment and snuggles for your resident cat!

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