White and brown tabby
2 years

Meet Carroll! Carroll has a big personality and lots of energy to play. Carroll's left paw turns in and he walks with a limp, but that doesn't slow him down one bit! He loves his food, toys, and pouncing on his sibling Arlene while they're playing tag. Carroll is quite the chatterbox while playing or asking for his dinner.

Out of the pair, Carroll is the dominant one in this duo. He is a rambunctious guy and does sometimes need to be reminded to share his toys and food with his buddy Arlene. Carroll and Arlene are very sweet and can at times be hyperactive and playful, otherwise they find a quiet place to lay down and nap under a couch or bed.

Carroll and Arlene are certainly bonded and watch each other for cues. If one comes out to play, the other will. If one is getting pets, the other will want some too! They are both affectionate, cuddly and friendly once they settle in.

Carroll and Arlene are currently in a foster home, if you are interested in adopting this sweet pair please complete our online adoption survey.



Arlene and Carroll

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