3 years

Meet Anthony! This laidback guy is quiet, gentle and purrs all the time! Anthony loves to cuddle and be near people, going as far as to follow his people from room to room. Looking for a snuggly kitty? Anthony may be your man! He enjoys being held and is a great lap cat.

Once Anthony chooses his favorite toys, he will carry them everywhere he goes. He adores small catnip toys, and right now his favorite toy is a little blue mouse.

Anthony easily gets along with other cats as he is relaxed and loving. He is in a foster home with another kitten and they are best buddies. They love to play together, eat together, sleep together and cuddle together for naps! Anthony would also do well with children as he goes with the flow and has a very sweet temperament. Want to make Anthony a part of your family? Fill out our online adoption survey.


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