ARM & HAMMER™ Feline Generous

June 1, 2022


Thanks so much for casting your vote for the next face of the Feline Generous Initiative! Interested in more cat-tastic content?

All of the cats in our Fabulous Foster vote are currently looking for loving homes in the Tri-State and Los Angeles areas. These bi-coastal cuties could be the perfect BFFs to add to your life. See more about them below and click on their profiles if you're interested in potentially adopting one of these fab felines!

Los Angeles 



Amber is a laid-back, chatty gal who enjoys spending her time napping and playing catch with her toy mouse. You can often find her following her people around the house while rubbing up against anything and everything. Amber is looking for a home with a loving adopter and lots of scratch pads. She should be the only pet in her new home. Check out her profile to complete an application!



Chirpy gets her name from the adorable chirping sound she makes when she is excited or surprised. Even though Chirpy is not a cuddler, she's extremely sweet-natured, gentle and will follow you wherever you go! Chirpy's vision is slightly impaired in one eye, but she is a healthy and active gal now. She can be timid in new settings and when meeting new people, so she would do best in a home with a patient adopter willing to allow her time to flourish into the amazing cat that she is. Chirpy would make an amazing addition to any household looking for a sweet, gentle and energetic cat—and of course one that chirps! Check out her profile to complete an application!

New York City 



Heather is the ultimate golden girl, looking for a home where she can become the queen of the castle. This senior lady is sweet and petite and enjoys gentle scratches and spending time with her favorite people. Take your time and let Heather come to you, and she’s soon rubbing up on nearby objects and purring up a storm! Heather has been looking for the right match for a while now, could you be the one for her? Check out her profile to complete an application!



Airy is a shy, senior guy who needs a little time (and lots of yummy treats) before opening up and showing off his chill personality. Chaos and ruckus are not Airy’s thing, so he much prefers lounging around in mellow environments over attending or throwing parties. But party snacks are still appreciated! Airy loves to eat, especially sardines and squeeze treats, and he’s a fan of short, gentle petting, too. He’d make a great fit for a family who lives in a quiet home and wants a cat that appreciates a mature atmosphere! Check out his profile to complete an application!