Humane Society of Boulder Valley Wins ASPCA's $100K Challenge

December 2, 2010

NEW YORK—The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today announced that the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) in Boulder, Colo. has won the ASPCA’s $100K Challenge, a national contest designed to inspire animal shelters across the country to save more lives. During the three-month challenge, HSBV saved at total of 2,640 cats and dogs, an increase of 968 lives saved over the same period in 2009.

“The Humane Society of Boulder Valley should be incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication, which helped save over 2,600 animals in just three months,” said ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres. “Their participation in the ASPCA’s $100K Challenge will serve as an inspiration to animal shelters across the country.” 

During the ASPCA $100K Challenge, contestants across the country worked to save at least 300 more animals during the months of August, September, and October 2010 than they did during the same period in 2009. Because the Humane Society of Boulder Valley achieved the greatest increase in lives saved during the three-month period, they will be awarded a $100,000 grant by the ASPCA to continue their lifesaving work.

“We were honored to be a part of this national challenge to save more animals’ lives, and we congratulate all of our colleagues across the country who together helped save so many lives through this effort. Thanks to the ASPCA for inspiring our entire industry,” said Lisa Pedersen, CEO of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. “This is just the beginning. We have learned so many great lessons, everything from discovering creative new ways to find homes for animals to engaging our entire community to save more lives.  The $100K Challenge was an amazing example of what our community can do together, and the ASPCA grant will enable us to continue our life-saving efforts and enhance the care and protection we give every animal who comes through our doors.”

It has long been a priority of the ASPCA to create a country of humane communities where there is no more euthanasia of homeless animals simply because of a lack of space or the resources to adequately care for them. The ASPCA $100K Challenge builds on that work by inspiring shelters and their communities to innovate and act to save more lives. For more information about the ASPCA’s $100K Challenge, please visit