ASPCA Cares for More Than 5,500 Pets Through 11,000+ Appointments as it Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary of its Community Veterinary Center in Miami-Dade County

Center aims to grow current capacity and expand access to spay/neuter services to increase care for Miami's pets
November 17, 2021

MIAMI – The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) today is celebrating the two-year anniversary of the ASPCA Community Veterinary Center in Liberty City, where it has treated more than 5,500 Miami-Dade County dogs and cats in over 11,000 unique appointments. The Center provides affordable and accessible veterinary services to companion animals in the Liberty City area, a critically underserved community with limited access to veterinary care. Since opening, the Center has treated 4,120 dogs and 1,424 cats.

The ASPCA Community Veterinary Center offers partially and fully subsidized basic and preventive care to pet cats and dogs in Miami-Dade County, including vaccinations, treatment for infections and other minor issues, and spay/neuter surgeries. In 2021, the ASPCA increased its capacity to provide spay/neuter surgeries to pets and aims to increase capacity even more to meet the needs of Miami’s pets. To help fulfill the large unmet need for veterinary care in the area, the ASPCA is hiring two additional veterinarians, as well as medical support staff, so the Center can continue to increase spay/neuter offerings to Miami pet owners.

“For two years, our Community Veterinary Center in Liberty City, Miami has provided critical veterinary services to thousands of local pet owners who have few if any other options to care for their beloved pets,” said Matt Bershadker, ASPCA President and CEO. “The success of this Center demonstrates the commitment and expertise of the veterinarians and staff who work there, as well as the community’s dedication to keeping and maintaining the health of their pets, whose love and loyalty are more important than ever during these stressful times.”

Scrappy, a 7-year-old female terrier mix from Liberty City, is one of the 5,500-plus pets who has benefited from the ASPCA’s services. Scrappy first came to the ASPCA Community Veterinary Center in October 2020, when her owner, Mr. Ralph Jacobs, brought her in for a basic wellness exam and vaccinations. During this visit, Mr. Jacobs learned that Scrappy tested positive for heartworm disease, and after receiving treatment from the ASPCA, Scrappy was clear of heartworms by January 2021. In September, Mr. Jacobs rushed Scrappy to the ASPCA after she was attacked by another dog, leaving her with non-life-threatening puncture wounds around her neck. The ASPCA treated the wounds and Scrappy quickly healed before returning to the ASPCA once again to be spayed. In the span of one year, Scrappy survived heartworm disease and a dog attack while also getting the preventative veterinary care she needed. Today she is living a good life with Mr. Jacobs, thanks to her devoted owner and the ASPCA team.

“I adopted Scrappy from a scrapyard when she was just a puppy; that’s how she got her name,” said Mr. Jacobs, a retired carpenter. “I’ve had her for seven years and have always cared for her myself until the ASPCA opened their clinic in Liberty City. I’m grateful for the treatment the ASPCA provided and the way the ASPCA treated her. They loved her like she was one of their own pets. The ASPCA’s services were excellent. I even recommended the ASPCA to other people I know who need care for their pets.”

The ASPCA Community Veterinary Center in Liberty City is part of a larger commitment the ASPCA is making in Miami-Dade County to improve the health and welfare of dogs and cats. In addition to operating the Center, the ASPCA works in Liberty City to bring critical resources to pets and people, including pet food and supplies. The ASPCA and Farm Share together have provided more than 147,500 pounds of dog and cat food to Liberty City residents since the partnership began. 

For more information about the ASPCA’s work in Miami, including how to access services at the ASPCA Community Veterinary Center, please visit