Community Veterinary Center

**The ASPCA® is committed to prioritizing the health and safety of the community, the animals in our care, and our staff. Please note that we have adjusted our services as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis:
  • We are open and currently seeing animals who are sick, in distress and/or in immediate need of veterinary care. For clients concerned about their pet’s quality of life, we are also providing examinations and humane euthanasia to end suffering when needed.
  • We are temporarily suspending preventive services (e.g., routine vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, screenings for FeLV/FIV tests, Heartworm tests, or intestinal parasites, for otherwise healthy animals). To avoid the exchange of money, we have temporarily suspended sales of pet licenses. We will resume these services as soon as possible.
  • ASPCA services are available by appointment only by calling 844-MY-ASPCA. For a limited time, the ASPCA will waive all veterinary care fees in order to assist Miami-Dade County residents and their pets during the COVID-19 crisis.
In order to help us continue to serve pets in need, we ask that clients who have recently traveled to a high-risk state or country, had any exposure to symptomatic or confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, are confirmed positive themselves, or are feeling ill, to please reschedule your appointment or have another caregiver/family member bring your pet in for their appointment. Already have an appointment? We are located at 1320 NW 62nd Street in Miami, Florida, and look forward to helping you and your pet.  We will be awaiting your arrival at the time of your appointment and ask that you remain in your car upon arrival and a staff member will come out to assist. All clients must wear a mask while interacting staff. **

Accessible, affordable veterinary care and spay/neuter are an important part of creating a healthy community for cats and dogs. That’s why the ASPCA provides subsidized, basic and preventative vet care and spay/neuter services directly to underserved communities and animals at the ASPCA Community Veterinary Center in Liberty City.

The Community Veterinary Center, built in partnership with Miami-Dade County and operated by the ASPCA, is located at 1320 NW 62nd Street in Liberty City, a neighborhood within the City of Miami, Florida. The center is located between NW 13th Ct. and NW 13th Ave., just east of African Square Park.

The goal of the center is to provide veterinary services and support to pet owners, so we can keep people and their pets together, and improve animals’ lives.

The Community Veterinary Center provides free and subsidized basic and preventative vet care to animals within Liberty City. However, services are available by appointment only to pets throughout Miami-Dade County.


The ASPCA offers primary pet care services including:

  • Exam and medical history
  • Preventative treatments like vaccines and deworming
  • Microchipping
  • Screening tests such as FeLV/FIV tests, Heartworm tests, and fecal tests
  • Other diagnostics that are non-invasive and do not require sedation
  • Treatment for conditions that can be resolved with reasonable resources

COMING SOON! We will offer low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter surgery for pets of qualifying residents of Miami-Dade County. Check back here for updates on when this is service will be available.

To find out more, please contact us.

Please note:

  • All medical evaluations and treatments take place during an office visit with no holding or hospitalization of patients.
  • Humane euthanasia will be available when necessary to relieve suffering and allow owners to make compassionate end-of-life decisions for their pets.

This veterinary center does not accept animals for surrender and does not adopt animals out.