ASPCA Legacy Society Members: Thank You for Your Help In 2021!

Dear Legacy Society Member,

Thanks to the unwavering support this year from friends like you, thousands of animals got their second chances at lives far from the neglect or danger they were once in. Your continued support brings animals out of desperate situations, helps them heal and provides them with new beginnings.

Your partnership allows us to continue helping animals, even in the most unpredictable circumstances. And for that, we—and the animals we serve—thank you.

With you by our side, kittens in our kitten nursery can receive around-the-clock care, pet owners in underserved communities have more options for keeping their pets safe at home, and animal shelters in the path of a natural disaster can receive resources and lifesaving animal transports.

As a Legacy Society member, your generosity and commitment to animal welfare makes our work possible – reaching hundreds-of-thousands of animals every year, for years to come. See firsthand how you impacted animals in 2021 by watching the short video below featuring team members from across the organization. On behalf of all of us at the ASPCA, and the animals we serve, thank you!

Nicole Nahas, Senior Director
Hannah Grune, Senior Manager, Donor Stewardship
ASPCA Planned Giving