Field Investigations and Response Daily Care Responder

Field Investigations and Response Daily Care ResponderField Investigations and Response Daily Care Responder

Dates and Location:

Available dates and locations for deployments are communicated when the need for volunteers arises. Most volunteer opportunities will require travel. To receive email requests for volunteer opportunities on specific deployments, including dates and location, please complete the application process.

Time Commitment:

FIR requests that volunteers participate in at least one seven-day deployment annually.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Daily Care Volunteers travel to the destination of a FIR operation to provide shelter set-up and daily animal care support to victims of cruelty or disaster. Tasks may include feeding, cleaning, behavioral enrichment and the safe humane handling and care of animals. Daily Care Volunteers are also responsible for monitoring the general health and behavior of the animals and reporting any issues to team leaders.

Requirements/Skills Needed:

Training Provided:

  • Full briefing and orientation upon arrival
  • Hands-on training relevant to your assigned duties

How to Apply: