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More Tools: Meat, Eggs and Dairy Label GuideFinding Higher-Welfare Products

Whatever you eat, you can improve the lives of farm animals, whether that is by purchasing more plant-based products or seeking out brands bearing welfare certification labels that represent better farming practices and require independent audits with 100% compliance. The standards set forth by these three animal welfare certifications meet these requirements:

Below is a list of brands that bear the label of one or more of these certifications, along with a list of plant-based alternatives. Many are available at supermarkets across the country:* 




  • Ayrshire Farm (CH)
  • Aspen Ridge (CH)
  • Baldwin Beef (AWA)
  • Brasstown Beef (GAP Step 4)
  • Creekstone Farms- Premium Black Angus Beef (CH)
  • Hunter Cattle Company (AWA)
  • Niman Ranch (CH)
  • Shire Gate (AWA)
  • White Oak Pastures (CH/GAP Step 4 and 5+)

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  • Ayrshire Farm (CH)
  • Bilinski’s Chicken Sausage (GAP Step 3)   NEW! 
  • D’Artagnan- Green Circle Chicken Line (CH)
  • Hunter Cattle Company (AWA)
  • Mary’s Free Range Chicken (GAP Steps 3 - 5)
  • Murray’s Chicken (CH)
  • Red Wheelbarrow (CH)
  • Smart Chicken- Organic Line (CH)
  • White Oak Pastures (AWA/CH/GAP Step 5+)

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  • Hunter Cattle Company (AWA)
  • White Oak Pastures (GAP Step 5+)

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  • Ayrshire Farm (CH)
  • Mary’s Free Range Turkey (GAP Steps 3 & 5)  NEW! 
  • Koch’s Turkey (CH)
  • White Oak Pastures (CH/GAP Step 5+)

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  • Alderfer’s Eggs (CH)
  • Blue Sky Family Farms (CH)
  • Davidson’s Safest Choice CageFree Eggs (CH)
  • Egg Innovations (CH)
  • Eggology - Pure Egg Whites, Cage Free (CH)  NEW! 
  • Farmer’s Hen House (CH)
  • Giving Nature (CH)
  • Green Meadow Organics (CH)
  • Happy Egg Co Free-Range Eggs (CH)
  • Hunter Cattle Company (AWA)
  • Kirkland Organic Eggs (CH)
  • Nature’s Yoke Cage-Free Eggs (CH)
  • Nellie’s Free Range Eggs (CH)
  • Pete and Gerry’s (CH)
  • Phil’s Fresh Eggs (CH)
  • Safeway Brand Lucerne Cage-Free Eggs (CH)
  • Safeway Brand Open Nature Cage-Free Eggs (CH)
  • Safeway Brand O-Organic Eggs (CH)
  • Stiebrs Farms (CH)
  • Vital Farms (CH)
  • Wilcox Farms (CH)

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  • Green Valley Organics (CH)
  • Organic Pastures (CH)
  • Chapel Hill Creamery (AWA)
  • Consider Bardwell Farm (AWA)
  • Lazy Lady Farm (AWA)

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  • Big Picture Farm  Goat Milk Caramels (AWA)
  • Niman Ranch – Lamb (CH)
  • Sir Kensington’s – Mayonnaise (CH)

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Widely Available Plant-Based Alternatives

  • Almond Breeze (Non-Dairy Milk)
  • Amy’s Kitchen (Mock Meat and Non-Dairy Products)
  • Beyond Meat (Mock Meat)
  • Boca (Mock Meat)
  • Daiya (Non-Dairy Products)
  • Earth Balance (Non-Dairy Products)
  • Field Roast (Mock Meat)
  • Follow Your Heart (Mock Egg and Non-Dairy Products)
  • Gardein (Mock Meat)
  • Hampton Creek Foods (Non-Dairy Products)
  • Morningstar Farms (Mock Meat)
  • Quorn (Mock Meat)
  • Silk (Non-Dairy Products)
  • So Delicious (Non-Dairy Products)
  • Tofurkey (Mock Meat)
  • Tofutti (Non-Dairy Products)
  • Yves (Mock Meat)

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*Shopping at Whole Foods Market 

Almost all of the beef, chicken, pork and turkey sold in Whole Foods Market stores is Global Animal Partnership certified and labeled. To ensure that the product came from animals that led better lives, we advise only buying products bearing the GAP (Step 2 and above) logo. Some brands that bear the GAP label at Whole Foods Market will appear in other stores without the logo. That may be a packaging choice or it may mean that those animals were not raised to the GAP standards.

AWA and GAP Step 4-5+ currently require the use of chicken breeds that have higher welfare than industrial breeds, which can suffer due to their genetics. As of 2024, Shop With Your Heart will only recognize chicken-welfare certifications and brands that require better breeds.

Note: This list is provided for informational purposes only, and is believed to be accurate as of the time posted. Listing of a welfare certification or brand does not mean that there is any affiliation or endorsement between the ASPCA and the listed company. The ASPCA makes no representation or warranty whatsoever regarding any certification program or brand listed above, and you agree to hold the ASPCA harmless from any and all claims based on the information set forth herein.