Thank You for Taking Action!

Thank you for contacting policymakers about this important issue. Now take the next step to help animals!

As a consumer and animal advocate, you have the power to make a real difference. Your food choices can add up to a better world for farm animals, and we've created many tools to help you select food that matches your values, including:

ShopKind Helpline
This text message-based service provides instant guidance from an ASPCA expert while out grocery shopping or meal planning. 

Factory Farm Detox
Feeling inspired? Do our Factory Farm Detox, a one-week challenge to eliminate factory-farmed foods from your diet.

Grocery List
Our search engine of widely available animal welfare-certified and plant-based foods.

Meat, Eggs and Dairy Label Guide
Our handy guide to making the most informed decisions every time you shop.

Certified Farms by State
Know your farmer! Getting your food straight from the source can be economical and educational, not to mention fun.

Request Letter
Ask your local supermarket or favorite restaurants to stock more humane foods and brands.