Good Groceries: Food That Helps the Planet, People and Animals

Good groceries guide

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Consumers are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from, and for good reason. The rapid industrialization of our food system has led to widespread problems—not just animal abuse, but foodborne illnesses, worker exploitation and environmental degradation.

All of these problems are interconnected—and so are their solutions. That’s why the ASPCA, Food Chain Workers Alliance, the Natural Resources Defense Council and GRACE Communications have teamed up to compile helpful information and tips for today’s conscientious consumer.

The Good Groceries Guide will sharpen your shopping skills and explain how the following issues are intertwined:

  • Farm animal welfare
  • The rights of food-system workers
  • Eating seasonally
  • Sustainable certifications
  • Food waste
  • Antibiotic resistance

With every purchase of more sustainably produced food, consumers are contributing to the movement to make our food supply healthier for people, animals and the planet.

To download a PDF of the full guide, click here.