Funding Higher-Welfare Farming

A key principle of the ASPCA’s work to improve the lives of farm animals is a commitment to help farmers obtain technical and financial resources to improve their animals’ welfare. Agricultural subsidies and grant programs are largely set up to support conventional farming practices, leaving the more humane and responsible farmers at a severe disadvantage in the marketplace.

The ASPCA works with the Food Animal Concerns Trust’s (FACT) Fund-a-Farmer project to underwrite Animal Welfare Certification Grants, which help farmers adopt meaningful welfare certifications to ensure better lives for their animals and more transparent, humane options in the marketplace.

Hear directly from farmers why animal welfare certification is important to them:

Animal Welfare Certification Grants make it possible for farmers to attain animal welfare certification from Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane, or Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Steps 4 and higher. The grants are awarded on an annual basis, and farmers can apply for grants of up to $2,500 to make on-farm improvements needed to achieve certification. The request for proposals generally opens in early fall and grant winners are announced mid-winter.

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