Supplies List for Newly Adopted Dogs

You’ll need quite a few things to get started and make sure that your new canine family member is comfortable and best set up for success in their new home.


  • Water bowl
  • Food bowl (we recommend a slow feeder bowl)
  • Crate (we recommend folding wire crates because they are easy to store when not in use)
  • Dog bed
  • Food toys or puzzles (ex. Kong, Kong Wobbler, Twist and Treat)
  • Chews (ex. bully sticks)

Manners Training 

  • Treat pouch 
  • Yummy treats (jerky, freeze-dried meat, cheese, or boiled chicken) 
  • Long line (cotton web leash, 15-20’ long for practicing recall) 

House Training 

  • Enzymatic cleaner  
  • Wee-wee pads (if indoor potty training) 
  • Pet gate (we recommend either pressure gates or hardware mounted) 
  • Toys (various sizes and kinds!) 

Walking Equipment 

  • Flat buckle collar and harness, fitted to the dog 
  • 6-foot leash (we recommend leather or nylon non-retractable) 
  • Identification tags (always keep these current) 
  • Poop bags 

Have questions?

Contact our Behavior Specialists at [email protected] or (212) 876-7700 ext. 4971

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