Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Programs


Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet or you’re considering doing so, one of the most important health decisions you’ll make is to spay or neuter your cat or dog. (Learn more by reading our Spay/Neuter Your Pet page.)

If you’re ready to spay or neuter your pet, you can find low-cost spay/neuter services near you.

If you live within the five boroughs of New York City, see the ASPCA’s NYC spay/neuter services.

In the Los Angeles area, the ASPCA provides spay/neuter services for pets of qualified residents. Find out more about our LA spay/neuter services.

The ASPCA also serves the communities of Western North Carolina. See the spay/neuter services we provide at the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance in Asheville, North Carolina.

To find low-cost spay/neuter clinics across the country, search the PetSmart Charities® database to locate providers in your community.

You may also contact a local animal shelter or veterinarian to ask about available spay/neuter services near you.