Your Votes Have Been Counted! See the Winning Mini Horse Name

May 19, 2022


One special little Miniature Horse needed your help—he needed a neigh-m! Earlier this week, we asked you to vote for your favorite option: Hairy Styles, Taika, Milkshake or Terk. Ready to hear the whinny-ing name?   

This Mini’s new name is Milkshake! If you voted for the winner, know that we’re clapping our hooves and giving you a round of nickering applause. If your favorite name wasn’t picked, you can go adopt a #RightHorse of your own and give them the name of your choice.

While we don’t want to distract you from browsing adoptable horses, we’re happy to report Milkshake is in the process of being adopted, thanks to your help. You’ve played an important role in his story … but do you know how he came to be available for adoption in the first place? Read on to learn more.

The ASPCA’s Equine Transition and Adoption Center pilot

The ASPCA works with a nationwide network of equine shelters and rescues through our adoption program called the ASPCA’s Right Horse. Our Adoption Partners are expert matchmakers and do an incredible job of helping horses in their communities. They’ve found that some horses take longer to find homes—typically, horses who are older and unrideable, and those with behavioral issues who need specialized training before being suitable for most adopters. 

In response, the ASPCA’s Equine Transition and Adoption Center pilot launched in late 2021 with the goal of building solutions to help these horses more efficiently find loving homes, which will allow equine shelters to use their resources more effectively and help more horses. 

Additionally, the pilot serves as a safe place for owners to relinquish their horses for rehoming—which is exactly how Milkshake came into our care! 

New Beginnings for Milkshake

Milkshake’s owner was retired on a fixed income and loved caring for his five horses. When the expense of five horses started to become a challenge, he didn’t know where to turn. That is, until he came across the ASPCA’s Equine Transition and Adoption Center pilot. After talking with our team, he decided to relinquish three of his Minis to our care. We were happy to help, and picked up the three ponies in early April, bringing them to our leased facilities in Oklahoma where our expert staff assessed their needs. Two of the ponies were transferred to our Partner Nexus Equine, where they were made available for adoption. In fact, one of Milkshake’s barn-mates, Magic Man Mike, is still looking for an adoptive home!

Milkshake needed a minor surgery, which he received thanks to the support of Oklahoma State University’s Large Animal Hospital. Once he recovered, he was a star pupil in our training program, and it was quickly apparent that it was time to find him a home of his own. But first, he needed a name—which is where you came in! 

Now that that he has the perfect name, this little Mini is ready to find a home. Happily, an adopter has already stepped forward and Milkshake’s future looks bright with a loving family and several children to play with.

Milkshake might be in the process of finding his perfect home, but there are hundreds of horses waiting for adopters just like you. Visit to browse hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide.