Your Favorite Shelter Dog Is Available for Adoption!

October 8, 2021


October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and you’re in luck! Your favorite pup is looking for a loving home! If you feel you are ready to adopt and are looking to change a dog’s life, or maybe you know someone who is, take a look at our adorable dogs who are looking for homes to call their own!

Lovable Dogs in New York City!

Our NYC dogs are looking for adopters in the tri-state area.



Meet Dutch! This handsome senior man is a loveable gentleman who is thriving in his foster home and can’t wait to thrive with you too! According to the people who know him best, Dutch settles in “pretty quickly,” enjoys following his people around, getting butt scratches, head kisses and chewing on treats. 

Dutch would love to live in a low-key home with an adopter who understands that it may take him some time to settle in—but the wait is absolutely worth it! He’s currently on medication for hyperthyroidism—but no worries, our staff has all the information you need on how to best set Dutch up for success. 

To find out more about Dutch, check out his profile!



Say hello to Canoe! Canoe is a good-natured boy who’s still learning how to be a dog. According to one of our volunteers, Canoe “still has so much to learn but has a good heart and disposition.” Canoe loves showing some affection after being out and about for a while by leaning into and enjoying pets. But his favorite activity? Sniffing to his heart’s content—there’s so much for him to learn in the great outdoors! 

Canoe can be a bit nervous and anxious in new places so it will take him some time to settle in. He’s looking for a dedicated, loving adopter who’s ready to help him feel safe and provide continued training. 

Want to find out more about Canoe? Check out his profile!



Ready to take a wild ride with Kayak? As her name may imply, Kayak loves outdoor adventures and would love an adopter who wants to take her along! The volunteers who take Kayak on field trips to the park tell us that “she has a relaxed and sweet demeanor,” “loves sitting down and relaxing by the river” and “enjoys watching boats and other things on beautiful days.” 

Kayak doesn’t love being left alone and can sometimes get a bit excited, so her new adopter should be ready to keep her busy with continued positive reinforcement training. Kayak would love to live with older kids and a home without any other pups. 

If you want to learn more about Kayak, check out her profile!



Don’t go for gold, go for Bronze! Bronze has been in foster with one of our Matchmakers, and boy, does she speak highly of him! She tells us that Bronze is a “people pleaser,” who’s “very receptive to training and depends on his person very much.” Bronze loves to cuddle on your lap as well as with his dog friends (he’s the big spoon). 

Bronze is nervous outside and doesn’t like to be alone just yet, so he needs a calm, patient adopter willing to work with him to be the best pup he could be! He’d do best in a home with another friendly dog to show him the ropes, and he’s lived well with cats. Bronze is a suburbanite at heart and needs a home in a quiet, low-traffic area. 

If you’d like to learn more about Bronze, check out his profile!

Dogs in North Carolina 

These adorable pups are looking for their second chances in the North Carolina area.



Meet Shaggy! Shaggy was a bit shy when we first met her, but with time, she has come out of her shell and has grown to adore walking, petting and the company of other dogs with similar play styles. Shaggy is now an adventurous pup who loves using her sharp mind while rooting through puzzle feeders and getting pets from the people she knows. 

Shaggy is still working on her confidence, so an adopter with the patience to allow her to adjust to her new life with you will help her grow tremendously! She would absolutely love a home with another friendly pup to play with. 

Want to learn more about Shaggy? Check out her profile!



Originally found living outside of a coal mine, Kong is a sweet and gentle boy who loves playing with other dogs! He is exceptional with leash walking and will walk right by your side. One of his favorite things to do is getting out and exploring—he loves to be outside! He also enjoys attention, treats and dogs that are calm and playful. 

Kong doesn’t love being in smaller spaces and much prefers to be in an indoor exercise pen as opposed to a crate when he needs to be confined. He can also be shy, so he’s really hoping for a patient and kind adopter willing to help him grow. 

Need more info about Kong? Check out his profile!

Although it’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, our adorable cats and kittens in Los Angeles need homes, too! If you’re in the L.A. area and looking for a new furry friend, consider changing a cat’s life today! 

You can also find a shelter near you to see more adoptable dogs and cats and get more information on additional ways you can help animals in need.