You’ll Fall Head Over Hooves in Love with These Horses!

December 8, 2022

If you’ve been dreaming of adopting a horse, this is your sign to finally do it! These four beautiful horses are looking for barns to call their own just in time for the holiday season. 

Court is in session with Judge!

If you're looking for a creative, clever and stunningly handsome horse, you’ve come to the right place! This tall, dashing Thoroughbred gelding is looking for a non-riding home where he'll be appreciated for his intelligence and kindness. He had a long career on the track and is now looking for his next adventure. Liberty work, agility and in-hand trail seem like natural fits for Judge, but he could also thrive with a confident handler who simply wants a special horse to work with and enjoy. 

Check out his profile to make your case herd (aka adopt him)!

Captain Jack Sparrow wants to sail away with you!

Meet Captain Jack Sparrow (those who really know him just call him Sparrow). He may have a pirate's name and look with his one eye, but don't let that fool you. The pirate's life is not for him. He prefers cuddles and attention. He navigates the world well with one eye, not seeming to miss the other at all. While his riding days may be behind him, he would make a gorgeous addition to any pasture.

Don’t walk, rum—sorry RUN—to his profile to adopt him today!

Catman may not fight crime, but he will steal your heart!

Catman is a very kind and sweet gelding that wants nothing more than love and care from his partner. He will give you 100% every time. He is quiet in the stall and paddock and when he goes out with other geldings, they get along fine. Catman settles down quickly to graze and can take care of himself in the herd. 

If you’re seeing the signs that Catman is the gelding for you, check out his profile!

Rory’s love will have you seeing stars (hollow)!

Meet Rory! Rory rides well on the trail, down the road or in the arena and is happy to cover some ground while gaiting. Rory came to us with some history of being anxious and rearing under saddle but after a good dental and a check in with training we are told she didn't have any issues in the bridle or when bitless under saddle and is ready to hit the trail.

If Rory makes you want to Yale from the rooftops, check out her profile to submit an adoption application! 

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