You Have to Meet Gusto!

October 20, 2021

Mucho Gusto! If you have a soft spot for sweet seniors, you have to meet Gusto! With his tiny feet and disproportionate body, Gusto has been affectionately described as a “misshapen potato of love!” He greets everyone with chirps and meows and enjoys sitting on laps, receiving rubs and scratches and sending the occasional email as he saunters across your keyboard. Once he gets his fix of attention, he’s happy to go between naps and snack breaks—though he has plenty of pep in his step for occasional play time, too! 

This handsome gentleman has some long-term medical needs that our staff would be happy to tell you all about (and what a great patient he is). 

If Gusto sounds like the perfect match for you—and you live in the tri-state area—check out his profile to complete an application!