A Year of New Beginnings for Animals in Need

January 9, 2020

See some of the happy endings from 2019 you helped make possible in the above video!

Welcome to the new year! We’re so grateful to have been a part of making new beginnings possible for so many animals in need nationwide last year. From transports to places where they will have better chances of adoption, to rescues from cruelty or natural disaster, thousands of vulnerable, innocent animals have been given new chances at lives full of love and comfort. And that’s thanks to people like you. The animal lovers, the activists, the cat moms and dads, pup parents and everyone in between—your support makes a world of difference to those who need us most. 

Thank you for all that you’ve done. As we welcome in 2020, we hope you’ll continue to be there as we work to help even more animals find their ways to the loving homes they’ve been waiting for. Consider starting off the new year with a gift or become an ASPCA Guardian to make a difference year-round.