World Sleep Day Calls for Cute Sleeping Animals!

March 17, 2022

a sleeping brindled dog

Happy World Sleep Day! We’ll take any excuse to curl up with our furry friends and take a nap after a long week—and World Sleep Day sounds like a great one. But, before you grab those blankets and pillows, we have something very important to show you—REALLY cute sleeping animals!

Take a look at some of these adorable dozed off dogs, cats and horses to inspire your catnap!

a yawning cat

a yawning dog

sleeping kittens

a small sleeping horse

a dog sleeping on a couch next to a person

a horse rest next to a fence

a dog laying on its back in between a person's legs

three kittens sleeping in a basket

two sleepy puppies being carried

two horses resting outside

a sleeping cat

a sleeping horse

a grey pitbull rest on a bed with her person

a sleeping kitten yawning

a sleepy pony

a dog and cat sleeping together on a red blanket