Will You Help Chirpy Find a Loving Home?

June 15, 2022

Meet Chirpy! Chirpy gets her name from the adorable and unique chirping sound she makes when she is excited or surprised. This girl can be timid in new settings and when meeting new people, so she would do best with a patient adopter in the Los Angeles County area who can allow her time to flourish into the amazing cat that she is. Even though Chirpy isn’t a cuddler, she’s extremely sweet-natured, gentle and will follow you wherever you go! 

Chirpy is very playful and can entertain herself for hours. Her favorite toys include cat wands, tunnels and flying discs. When she isn’t playing, Chirpy is taking her much-needed naps on her foster’s enclosed balcony or sleeping under the covers.

Chirpy’s vision is slightly impaired in one eye due to an upper respiratory infection that wasn’t treated prior to her being in our care. But don’t worry! She is a healthy and active girl now! 

Chirpy would do well living with another animal as long as they were introduced slowly. She would make an amazing addition to any home looking for a sweet, gentle and energetic cat—and of course one that chirps! 

If you’d like to adopt Chirpy, and live in the Los Angeles County area, check out her profile to complete an application!