Who Made the Cut? Five Adoptable Horses with Fabulous Hair!

May 26, 2022

Have you herd the news? May is #AdoptAHorse Month, a celebratory time to explore horse adoption and help horses find loving new homes. Right now, there are hundreds of adoptable horses looking for homes across the country. 

And the horses themselves? It’s fair to say they’re getting their hair done and putting their best hoof forward! Check out these recently adopted and adoptable horses and their stylish looks. 

Cookie is here to prove that unicorns are real! She’s a seasoned, 19-year-old superstar who enjoys rocking purple and pink hair extensions. You won’t want to mousse out on this special #RightHorse.

Tess’s long tresses will undoubtedly make you swoon. This Golden Girl loves to have her hair braided and will be available for adoption soon from Heart of Phoenix in West Virginia.

Have you heard the buzz about this #RightPony and his luscious locks? When you’ve got hair like Miniature Horse Buzz, why would you keep it confined? The Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation helped Buzz and his wild hair find a home during #AdoptaHorse Month.

Opting for tinsel and ribbons, #RightHorse Rosetta was adopted last week and is already shining with her new adopter. Why don’t you comb on over to the Humane Society of Texas’s Fort Worth facility to meet her friends and find your own #RightHorse?  

Muffin was recently adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society and now hopes her friends will also find wonderful homes. You best believe she rocked her braids while looking for her right person! 

An essential part of routine horse care is brushing and detangling manes and tails. Sometimes that calls for braids, and sometimes that calls for celebrating the natural beauty of a well-groomed mane and tail. This Adopt a Horse Month, get your grooming tools ready and find your #RightHorse at myrighthorse.org!