When You Adopt Lady Margaret, She’ll Keep You Company Every Day!

September 6, 2023


This gorgeous lady is here in New York City and wants to share some space on the couch with you! Margaret is sweeter than a doting grandma and she hopes you’ll join her at bingo night!

Margaret is a wise cat who has everything you’re looking for in a new feline companion! If she’s not napping in a sunbeam, she’s probably right by your side. She isn’t shy about showing affection for her people with gentle headbutts and polite requests for attention. Margaret loves relaxing on the couch while watching her stories on TV and getting her hair done—she won’t say no to daily brushing sessions! She’s also happy to join you in the kitchen during meals so that she can spend time with the rest of the family. Any reason to be near you is good enough for her!


Margaret will do best in a home where adopters use a slow approach and avoid forced interactions with her. Slow and steady wins over her affections! Here at the Adoption Center, Margaret has hissed at cats in other enclosures, so we are unsure how she would do with other cats in a home. In a previous home, she lived with a small, respectful dog. When you apply, a Matchmaker can also discuss Margaret’s specific medical needs with you and help explore if she is the match you’ve been looking for!

Do you live in the tri-state area and have a cozy space ready for our dear Margaret? Visit her profile to submit an application!