When Winnie Met Chloe: One Kitten Finds Where She Is Truly Meant to Be

May 17, 2018


Chloe D. had visited the ASPCA Adoption Center three times before leaving with a spunky kitten named Winona—guess you can say “third time’s a charm,” when it comes to this match. Though it took Chloe some time to find the perfect feline friend, Winona—now known as Winnie—quickly opened up to Chloe upon meeting her. 

At just under a year, Winona was an active and affectionate kitten who, after being removed from an overcrowded home last year, needed plenty of socialization and enrichment. When she first met Chloe, Winnie was a part of our Office Foster Program, where she was able to adjust to a more domestic setting and work on her social skills when interacting with people.


“She was very open to my presence,” says Chloe about her first time meeting Winnie. “She quickly interacted with me and played with me. Her office foster caregiver explained her behaviors to me, and I felt comfortable taking on the responsibility of taking her home.” 

Chloe felt eager to not only take on the responsibility of a pet, but to have the companionship that comes along with any furry friend. She made the adoption official and took Winnie home last month, where she helped the young cat get acclimated to her new surroundings.

Winona in her new home

“When Winnie first got to my house, she was very curious. She never seemed scared or shy,” Chloe tells us. “I spent hours with her in the bathroom, getting her adjusted to my voice. After just 24 hours, she was eager to get out of the bathroom, and actually ran out. She ran to the kitchen and explored, then made her way to the living room. It took her about two days to fully adjust to the space.”

Chloe tells us that she now can’t imagine her daily routine without Winnie. “Feeding her, playing with her and even seeing her at the front door when I get home is enjoyable for me,” Chloe says. “I have gotten to know her behaviors by paying close attention to what she does, as well as reading up on things that I find interesting or new.” 

winona playing

In her new life, Winnie now spends ample time playing, purring and prancing around her new home. It seems as though, for Winnie, she found just where she was meant to be. 

You can create a Happy Tail just like Winnie’s and Chloe’s by adopting a shelter animal today! Not in the tri-state area? Find a furry friend at a local shelter near you