When the Pants Fit: Spencer's Happy Tail

August 19, 2015

While cats and dogs are known to behave like, well, cats and dogs, the truth is that some animals are a lot like people. They have distinct personalities, quirks and needs, and occasionally, they find someone with whom they really “click.” That seems to have been the case for Spencer, a sensitive cat who was lucky to find equally sensitive adopters. It was a perfect match, and shy Spencer soon blossomed into a perfect furry friend. Here is his Happy Tail.

Spencer Happy Tail

One-year-old Spencer came to the ASPCA after being abandoned near a cat colony in Astoria, Queens, last November. The handsome black-and-white cat enjoyed quiet, gentle attention, but was nervous around new people and had a tendency to act defensively when approached too fast. At the ASPCA Adoption Center, our expert Behavior team spent some time helping Spencer come out of his shell, and he was soon ready for adoption. In January, he met Linda and Stuart Miller.

The Millers’ 16-year-old cat, Max, had been with them since he was four months old. When he passed away in October, they were devastated. “He really was the king of our house and our baby,” she says. In the months that followed, Linda and her son, Jake, visited adoption events every weekend in the city, but she wasn’t entirely sure how she wanted to proceed. “I knew that getting over Max would never get easier, and I missed the love in our house that a pet created. But the bottom line was that my husband didn’t feel he was ready for a new pet yet,” she says.

Happy Tail Spencer
Happy Tail Spencer

As the months went on, Linda’s desire for a new pet grew but Stuart remained steadfast. “I continued to look online for pictures of cats for adoption, but not until many, many times of enticing my husband—where he did no more than glance at the photos—did he pay attention, until I showed him Spencer,” she recalls. As it turns out, Spencer reminded them of Max—so much so that Stuart immediately agreed to meet him.At the Adoption Center, the couple learned about Spencer’s history and his nervous tendencies. Fortunately, they were perfectly-equipped to handle Spencer’s unique set of needs: “My husband and I both work with developmentally challenged babies, children and teens, so we are good with being patient, calm and extremely nurturing. We were okay with letting Spencer take his time,” she says. Their patience paid off, and the cat slowly allowed the couple to approach him, offer treats and even play a bit. “I knew my husband was hooked,” Linda laughs.

Happy Tail Spencer
Happy Tail Spencer

On January 28, the Millers adopted Spencer and changed his named to Marty, which was soon expanded to “Marty Pants,” due to his love for sitting on a pair of Linda’s sweatpants. And although Marty Pants had big kitty shoes to fill, he proved to be the ideal match. Linda recalls, “From the very first night in our home, we have never looked back.”

Within a couple of weeks with his new family, Marty grew into a much happier, more confident cat. “He has continued to blossom every week,” Linda says proudly. “He gets the best food, both canned and home cooked, and comes running when called, has lots of toys, settled into our home routine and is now giving and receiving lots of love. Marty is a perfect fit in our home.”

Although Marty Pants is still working on his nose-to-nose kissing skills, he has come a long way from the nervous nelly he once was. Linda says, “We play, he talks, knows his routine and is really happy. We all are.” Congratulations to Marty and the Millers for finding the perfect fit!