When Dog-Lovers Fall for Cats: Gala's Happy Tail

March 18, 2015

At the ASPCA, we’re equally fond of dogs and cats, but we recognize that not all everyone feels the same waysome adopters are firmly “dog people” while others can’t get enough of our purring feline friends. So when one lifelong member of “Team Dog” came to our Adoption Center and fell for a kitty named Gala, we knew that their bond was truly meant to be. Here is the story of how Gala the cat won over a dog-lover named Erin.

“I was born a proud ’dog person,’” Erin D. recalls. She adopted her rescue pooch, Feeny, from an Atlanta-area shelter eight years ago, and last spring, she decided to adopt another pet to keep him company. Her commitment to canines was steadfast. “A dog is man’s best friend, right? What could truly compare to a wagging tail, fierce, protective loyalty and the unwavering, unconditional, instantaneous love a dog provides every second you walk in the door?” she asked. As it turns out, the answer was surprising: A cat from the ASPCA.

Erin first came to our Adoption Center in March 2014, about a month after we had rescued a tiny four-pound kitten named Gala from a home with too many animals. Gala was shy and timid, but had an undeniably sweet disposition. Erin met with one of our adoption counselors (or, as she calls them, “Matchmakers”), who asked some questions about what she was looking for in a pet. That’s when she was taken to the kitten room where Gala was being housed.

Dog and cat napping on couch

“I met eight-month-old Gala and it was a purrrrfect match,” Erin says. “She was very affectionate and seemed to take a liking to us almost immediately.” After an adoption interview, she adopted Gala, purchased all the necessary kitten supplies from the ASPCA, took the kitty home and changed her name to Olive.

Olive took to Erin (and her new brother, Feeny) almost immediately. “She and my dog warmed to each other quickly,” Erin says. “She is not shy at all anymore and has become quite social and very entertaining.” Erin adds that Olive loves to cuddle and never ceases to make her laugh with her “aspiring-Olympian” antics. “She is a very well-adjusted, happy, healthy, sweet little cat who has proven to be extremely loving and social. The ASPCA truly helped me find my match in a cat, and I couldn’t recommend a place for animal adoption more highly.”

Black cat curled up napping

But Olive did more than find the perfect home—she shook Erin’s “Team Dog” stance entirely. Erin says, “She defied all of my pre-conceived ‘dog person’ judgments. I truly love cats AND dogs now—in fact, I may actually take more shameless selfies with Olive than I do with Feeny! In 50 years, that may just be me living next door to you with a ton of adopted little kitties, so come on by.”

In closing, Erin says, “The animals up for adoption at the ASPCA are incredible.” Then she adds with a smile, “Thanks ASPCA, for giving me a full-blown identity crisis.”  

Close up of black cat wearing pink collar