March 23, 2015

What's Your Reason to #OpenTheBarns? Speak Out Against Cruelty to Farm Animals!

We think people who report animal abuse should be applauded, not prosecuted. But in states across the country, "ag-gag" bills have been introduced to criminalize the exposure of illegal, unethical and dangerous activities taking place on industrial farms.

If people can’t speak out about what they see in factory farms, horrific animal abuse, food safety problems, and environmental and human rights violations may go undiscovered and uncorrected. Some of these laws can even shield puppy mill operators from prosecution!

We don’t think Americans should be kept in the dark, and we need your help to take a stand against these dangerous laws.

Help us generate 10,000 social media posts against ag-gag by visiting and sharing one of our images along with the hashtag #OpenTheBarns. Then sign our pledge to be an Open Barns Advocate and we’ll keep you informed on more ways you can take action.