Welcome Home! Here’s a Look at the New, Happy Lives of Adopted NC Rescue Pets

March 30, 2016

In the short time since 524 cats and dogs were adopted at our record-breaking event in Sanford, North Carolina, we’ve heard from many pet parents who are eager to share the stories of their new furry family members.

Angel K. of Vass, North Carolina, adopted Owen, an elderly Lab mix who was also the last dog to find a home.  


“Owen is a blessing,” says Angel, who refers to him as her “fur son.” When Angel and her daughter, 14-year-old Ariana, first brought Owen home, Angel recalls, “Our six-year-old cat introduced himself, and Owen just looked at him and walked on. I was so proud of him.”

Angel reports that Owen is home alone just three hours a day, after she leaves for her job as a pharmacy technician and Ariana gets home from school. “As soon as we walk in the door he greets us with his tail wagging,” Angel says. “He always wants to be by my side and wants all my attention.”

Devito, a tan shepherd mix, was adopted by Sherrie M. and her son, Stephen, and has since become fast friends with their resident dog, Buddy, who they adopted from a local shelter 12 years ago. The two are inseparable.


“Where ever one is, the other is always beside him; they do everything together,” Sherrie says.

Sherrie’s daughter Michaela adopted a black, long-haired cat named Jasmine at the same event, and is putting together a scrapbook of the new feline and canine family members.  “We couldn’t have asked for more special pets,” Sherrie says. “I guarantee they are being treated like royalty.”


Reagan H., a college student, adopted a cat named Bella, who now goes by Scarlett.

“She hasn't had any problems adjusting at all,” reports Reagan. “She loves to nap and cuddle but also loves to play.” Scarlett especially likes to sit by the window and watch birds, and she recently posed for photos in an Easter basket. “She absolutely loves being queen of the castle,” Reagan says.


Chip M. of Cary, North Carolina, shared a video of his newly adopted dog, Rustie, a timid female shepherd mix, as she explores her new home and meets her housemate, a dog named Sandy, after having had a bath, lunch and treats. “We are doing great finding our way around the house,” Chip narrates. “You girls are going to get along great.  And Rustie is going to have a great life.”

Many adopters took to social media to relay their experiences. Tabitha R. of Fayetteville, North Carolina, who adopted a puppy with her young son, documented their visit on Facebook. “It was a day I will never forget...and I made sure it was a day my son will never forget either,” Tabitha writes. “He learned about the importance of a lifelong commitment.”


Shannon G. of Sanford, North Carolina, adopted a speckled, mixed breed name Boone. She says Boone is “a wonderful dog” who, after his first night, had “no accidents, eats well, and sits at our back door to go to the bathroom. We were super blessed.”

“Rescuing a dog has made my heart so full and [is] one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Shannon says on Facebook.


Anna H. and her two young children, Luke and Leah, adopted a hound mix named Jake, who, “has been an awesome dog,” according to Anna. Jake makes frequent trips to the local dog park, where “he greets other people on walks and they love him.”


Christine B. and her son, Michael, of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, adopted a cat named Tammy Lynn. Christine reports that Tammy has adjusted very well and “has claimed various hiding spots as her own.”


Stewart and Kim K. of Sanford, North Carolina, who adopted the last remaining cat, formally known as Avocado, say that “Mackenzie” has her own room for now, and they are giving her space and time to adjust. They talk to her in soft tones and tempt her with toys in hopes she’ll soon let them pet her.

“She'll come around eventually,” says Kim. “It's just going to take a lot of time and patience.”  After three days, Kim reports that Mackenzie came out from under the bed to eat and has been heard “exploring” at night.


“We couldn't leave her there un-adopted, knowing she had been picked over for two days,” Kim says. “She deserves a loving home, too!”

We could not be happier to hear these amazing stories—these animals have come such a long way since their rescue from extreme neglect in January. We are so grateful for the support that made these success stories possible, but we can’t stop now. There are countless animals nationwide who still need our help—please consider making a donation to the ASPCA today.