Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

February 11, 2021

a pitbull in rubber duck pajamas

Are you tired of being stuck at home and looking for fun things to do with your pet? This Valentine’s Day, try something different! Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people and pets in your life just how much you care. And the experts at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) have some fun ways to celebrate with your furry friends that will show them just how much you love them!

Spend the Day Together

Taking your pet for a walk or hike is a great way to spend some time with them and lets you both get some fresh air. After months of staying home, it’s likely you have already taken your pet for countless walks. So, for Valentine’s Day, try out a different path—maybe one you’ve always been curious about. Exercise is not only good for your four-legged friend, it also helps them get some of their wiggles out so they will be less likely to get into trouble later when you’re trying to unwind!

Make a Special Treat Just for Them

Have you ever tried making treats for your pet at home? There are so many delicious and healthy recipes to choose from online. But be sure that any recipes you choose are pet-friendly and veterinarian approved before making them for your pet.

Pro-tip: Use cute cookie cutters to make the treats into fun shapes. That way, when you dip in the candy box later, you can have a special and safe treat for your pet as well!

Try a Puzzle Feeder

Who doesn’t like receiving presents? Consider giving your pet a puzzle feeder this year or try making one yourself! Puzzle feeders are items that make your pet use their mind a little more to eat their food. There are many options available online, but you may have some items at home that will work as well for a DIY for your cat or dog. A cookie sheet or cupcake pan are common household items that can be used and are good starter puzzle feeders for novice pets. Just drop bits of food into each cupcake holder and let the fun begin! And let’s not forget about our feline friends who may feel the need to “hunt” for their food. There are cute little mouse feeders you can fill with food and hide around your house for your kitty to find throughout the day.

Give Them a New View

What’s more romantic than a beautiful sunset with a great view? Well, your furry friends may appreciate a different view, too! Cats in particular love to view the room from a higher location. Consider adding a cat tree closer to a window where they can watch the birds. If you can put a bird feeder outside that window as well, you may even get a few meows of appreciation. Alternatively, you can add some cat steps to your bedroom wall so your feline friend can perch at different heights. If you have an older dog who used to love sleeping on your bed, consider a pet ramp so they can make it up there again. A comfortable view is a great way to relax on any occasion!

Plant an Indoor “Garden”

Instead of bringing home a bouquet that may contain toxic flowers like lilies, consider growing some cat grass as a treat for your feline friends. This way your kitty can safely munch on some grass and you don’t have to worry about what they may be getting into!

Create Fun Toys with Water

Try adding a little bit of food coloring to water, freeze it in ice cube trays and, voila, your pet has a new toy! Add a few of those cubes to your pet’s water bowl and watch them play. Just make sure your pet doesn’t try to eat the ice as it can break their teeth. You may be surprised at how much fun your pet has playing with ice! You can also put the cubes on the kitchen floor and watch your pet bat the ice around—it’s like a mini hockey game! With their nose to the ice, they may be less interested about what Valentine’s Day treats you may be having.

While there are so many fun things to do with your pet this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that there are still quite a few dangers that come along with this holiday for our furry friends. Be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day safety tips to keep your pet safe and your day filled with love and fun!

If you think your pet has ingested a potentially poisonous substance, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888)-426-4435 immediately.