View Exclusive Photos from Our Largest Companion Animal Rescue Ever

February 4, 2016

Many of you have heard about our record-breaking rescue in North Carolina last week, where nearly 700 animals were saved from severe neglect. Over 100 ASPCA responders removed more than 340 dogs and 280 cats—as well as horses, pigs and birds—from the sprawling, dilapidated property, a self-described “animal sanctuary” in Raeford. It was a heartbreaking scene, but thankfully, these animals are now receiving much-needed attention and care in a secure ASPCA-run facility. View images of the record-breaking raid, as well as our temporary shelter, in the gallery below—and please consider making a donation to support these and other life-saving efforts.

An ASPCA veterinarian comforts a dog on the scene.

This sweet dog had a large, untreated open wound on his back.

ASPCA President & CEO Matt Bershadker cares for a visibly malnourished horse.

Many young puppies like this one were lacking clean cages or bedding.

The property owners lived in this home, where several animals were discovered as well.

This dog, Beatrice, had a dislocated elbow that had gone untreated for far too long.

Many senior dogs, like this one, had little to no shelter from the elements.

Young puppies were often paired in cages with little room for comfort or enrichment.

More than 130 ASPCA responders worked through frigid temperatures, mud and rain to assemble carriers for the removal of animals.

An ASPCA responder comforts a senior dog who appears to have birthed puppies.

Many animals, like this one, were living in extremely unsanitary enclosures.

Without proper enrichment, animals often took to tearing apart the lining of their cages.

Beatrice receives a much-needed belly rub from an ASPCA responder.

Many of the animals seemed eager to escape their deplorable surroundings.

It is likely that this cat had rarely—if ever—been outside of this filthy cage.

A number of animals seemed under-socialized and fearful of humans.

Tim Rickey, Vice President of the ASPCA’s Field Investigations & Response team, carries a young pup to safety.

Here, a young cat receives treatment from the ASPCA’s mobile veterinary unit on the scene.

A puppy gets a check-up from an ASPCA veterinarian.

700 carriers were needed to remove animals from the crime scene.

An ASPCA responder cares for a young puppy.

This dog had been housed in a tiny enclosure in a dark room.

A kitten stares lovingly into her rescuer’s eyes.

A dilapidated barn is no place for a horse.

A responder surveys the ASPCA’s temporary shelter, where nearly 700 rescued animals are now receiving much-needed medical and behavioral care.

At the ASPCA shelter, the animals seemed visibly happier.

Here, a young horse enjoys his comfy new pen at the ASPCA shelter.

A puppy takes a break from his new toy at the ASPCA shelter.

Responders at the ASPCA shelter prepare over 700 meals.

A horse receives a medical exam from an ASPCA veterinarian.