USDA Rejects Ill-Conceived Plan to Allow for Animal Welfare Act Self-Policing

May 25, 2018

We are relieved to share good news for animals in commercial breeding operations, zoos and research facilities. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced today that it is rejecting an ill-conceived proposal that would have recognized industry-related, third-party inspections as part of its enforcement of the federal Animal Welfare Act. 

The ASPCA applauds the USDA’s decision to reject this proposal, which would have allowed the agency to abandon its responsibility for inspecting puppy mills and other animal facilities and left the fate of those vulnerable animals in the hands of private groups—groups often closely tied to the very industries being inspected.

This victory wouldn’t have happened without your help. The ASPCA directed 21,823 of your comments to the USDA, asking the agency to reject this proposal. In its statement today, the USDA acknowledged that the “vast majority of the comments” the agency received were not in favor. On behalf of the animals in our nation’s puppy mills, zoos and research facilities, thank you!

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