URGENT: These Golden-Aged Kitties Need Homes!

June 23, 2021

URGENT: These Golden-Aged Kitties Need Homes!

It’s the last full week of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and we’re still celebrating our senior felines, and we hope you are too!

We have five senior kitties who have only gotten better with age and are looking for adopters who appreciate that. If that sounds like you or someone you know—keep reading!


This gorgeous gal was described by her previous family as, “a mellow cat that likes to just hang out.” If you’re the kind of person who just likes to just chill, golden girl Kiki is the gal for you! Kiki may take some time to warm up to new people, but once she realizes you’re friends, this adorable girl will trot right on over to you for pets, rubbing on anything and everything to show you how much she loves it.

Kiki’s new family should know that she has some medical needs including a special diet and visual impairment, but our staff would be happy to tell you all about it! Kiki does well with some children and other cats but isn’t a big fan of dogs.


Described as, “a sweet, adorable senior girl,” Kacey is quite the lovely cat! Though she can be a bit tentative around new people, give her a second to warm up and she’ll soon show you her sweet side, slowly coming to the front of her kennel and leaning into gentle pets. She may even give you a little chirp—which is as cute as it sounds!

Kacey has some slight medical needs that our staff would be happy to tell you more about, but overall, Kacey is a soft, gentle girl who would make a great companion.


Looking for a cuddlebug? Meet Mota! Mota is the type of girl who can be shy in new places but once she settles in, she becomes a sweet, snuggly companion! When she isn’t snuggled up with her favorite people, Mota is happy to nap in her favorite cozy spaces.

Mota is looking for a family who can give her time to settle in and provide her with plenty of activities since she has been noted to lick at or suck her tail excessively when stressed, bored or anxious. Kids would be new for her, but we know she’s previously lived with another cat.


Vanna is sure to be your new late-night Netflix buddy! Vanna is the kind of gal who can be nervous in new places but under those nerves is the sweetest kitty! She may hide when first arriving to a new home but once she opens up, she’ll be curling up in her favorite spots and may even ask for some loving! Vanna also loves playtime, “going nuts” for laser pointers and thoroughly enjoying any chance she gets to play with a wand toy or tin foil ball.

Vanna is looking for a family with teens and up who understand that she will need some time to settle in before letting her true colors shine. She wants to be the queen of the castle, so no other kitties, please!


Asher is on the hunt for a best buddy! This shy kitty may take some time to understand that you’re his friend, but once he knows he’s loved, he slowly starts to come out of his shell. According to his foster caregiver, “Asher likes familiar company when he is nervous and will look up to his best buddy to make sure everything is okay.” He’s been known to enjoy a game or two—especially when it involves chasing springs or catching wand toys. But his favorite past time is curling up in safe spaces like under the bed.

Asher needs a family who understands that he is very shy and will need to put in work to build a relationship with him. He may always be shy around guests—and that’s okay! Asher’s still pretty sensitive to noise so he will need a quiet home without dogs or kids.

If you think one of these golden-aged kitties is the one for you, or if you’re interested in learning more, check out their full profiles.

Want to help these cats but not ready to make the commitment to take home a feline friend? Use social media to tell your family and friends that Kiki, Kacey, Mota, Vanna and Asher are looking for their new BFF and share this post!