An Update on Fulton

May 19, 2016

Earlier this year, Fulton the cat made headlines when a video of his abuse surfaced on the Internet. The ASPCA has received many requests about Fulton’s status, and today we are thrilled to bring you a very happy update on his case.

Fulton’s story began in March, when he was brutally attacked in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. According to news reports, Fulton’s attacker allegedly grabbed the sweet, trusting feline from the deli where he lived. The security camera in a nearby Chinese restaurant caught what happened next, which was truly horrific.

The attacker seized Fulton by his fur and slammed him against the walls and floor before throwing him through the restaurant’s Plexiglass window. He suffered a hemorrhage in his eye, a puncture wound to his tongue, bruising on his gums, tongue and lips, swelling on his tail and fluid in his abdomen, among other injuries. Thankfully, the NYPD was able to locate Fulton and his abuser. The abuser was charged with several offenses, including felony animal cruelty. Earlier this week, he was found unfit to proceed and the case has been adjourned until June 1 for additional proceedings. Meanwhile, Fulton was taken to the ASPCA for immediate medical treatment.

Despite having suffered the ultimate breach of trust, the year-and-a-half old cat remained very outgoing and loving toward people throughout his treatment. He even liked to snuggle up against staff at the hospital, and after six weeks of intensive care, he was declared fit for adoption. “ASPCA Animal Hospital staff will certainly miss seeing him each day, but look forward to finding him the safe and loving home he deserves,” said Howard Lawrence, Vice President of the ASPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Division.

Thanks to fast action from concerned citizens, the NYPD and the ASPCA Animal Hospital and Adoption Center, this very sweet cat will never have to suffer again. 

If you see or suspect animal cruelty, please take action. Visit our Report Animal Cruelty page to learn more.