Update: Dachshund Puppies Thriving in New Homes

April 2, 2013

Late last month, we shared the story of more than 50 Dachshunds, including adults and puppies, we recovered from a hoarding situation in New York City. We checked in with several of the dogs’ adopters to see how the pups are doing so far, and their replies resulted in a cuteness overload!

Banjo (formerly known as Ralf)

Adopter: Amalia R.

“Banjo was listed as extremely shy when I received his behavioral report. Upon bringing him into our home with Rhubarb [his dog brother] as a guide, he is a total social butterfly! Rhubarb and Banjo play wonderfully together, and not only has he learned from my teachings, he is learning from Rhubarb! They love to take naps together and drinking water at the same time— it’s so sweet to watch them scurry around together. We love Banjo very much and are so happy to have such a beautiful little puppy added to our family!”

Murphy (formerly known as Monika)

Adopter: Casey K.

“After meeting with one of the behaviorists, we were introduced to Murphy—she is playful, sweet, curious, and just a really great pup overall. It was love at first sight, and each day we are all falling more in love with her. She is a very happy, playful puppy. Many friends have come to say hello to her, and each day she become more bold and curious with us and her surroundings. She is very relaxed and often will fall asleep on her back and loves having her tummy rubbed. We are deeply grateful that she has come into our lives.”

Emily (formerly known as Emilie)

Adopter: Nicole D.

“My husband Tom, our 2.5-year-old Dachshund, Eli, and I walked to the ASPCA in hopes of adopting a little brother or sister for Eli. We picked out Emily, as she reminded us a lot of Eli, with the spots on her head and her fuzzy ears.  When the two dogs met, it was clear that this was the start of what would become a long and beautiful friendship. Although Emily is still quite shy around my husband and me, she is learning from Eli, and I know with time, she will come out of her shell and realize all the love that surrounds her.”

Marcel (formerly known as Dieter)

Adopter: Melanie S.

“After losing my childhood pet two years ago—a Lab/Basset mix—I started to really miss the warmth and energy of a dog in my life. I love Dachshunds and was spending all of my free time searching rescue websites. Finally, I heard about the puppies at the ASPCA and ran over. Marcel is adjusting at lightning speed! His first night he stayed in the back of his crate, and shook for several minutes in each new setting. Now, as much as he loves his crate, he comes out to find me to play fetch!”

Roxy (formerly known as Katja)

Adopter: Nicole A.

“My husband and I have been looking for a dog for a little while now, and when we came across Roxy’s picture online we instantly fell in love. At that moment, we rushed down to the ASPCA and set up a meet and greet with Roxy. She was everything we hoped for and more. Roxy has a great personality, loves to play, and is already our best friend. She is definitely at home and is learning more and more each day. We are so excited to have her be a part of our family.”

Hailey (formerly known as Anja)

Adopter: Brittney H.

I saw Hailey’s picture on Petfinder and fell in love instantly! She is doing excellent! Hailey has an older dog sister named Lola, and they love to play and snuggle together. She does have major separation anxiety, which is completely understandable, but we are working on breaking her out of that. Otherwise, she is doing awesome! I love her!”

Coco (formerly known as Silke)

Adopter:  Maria G.

“I was looking at the ASPCA website on a Friday evening, saw all the puppies and dogs for adoption, and decided to come down to the Adoption Center that Saturday morning.  I came to the ASPCA with my daughter, and we both decided that Silke was the one for us. She has her own room, and she has brought joy and happiness to us both! Silke, whom we have renamed Coco Chanel, has adjusted very well. She's my little superstar. We love and adore her.”

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