Update: ASPCA Assists More Than 100 Animals in Hurricane Matthew’s Path

October 7, 2016

Update 10/07: The ASPCA Disaster Response Team, along with additional response partners, deployed Thursday to the Southeast to assist animals in Hurricane Matthew’s path. With a base set up in Georgia, we are responding to requests from local animal shelters to assist in evacuation and transport efforts. We’ve already assisted more than 100 animals, and we expect more requests to come throughout the weekend as the region continues to be pummeled with rain, flooding, winds and power outages.  

Our responders deployed with as little as a few hours notice to help the animals affected by this natural disaster. Please make a gift today to ensure that we can continue to respond immediately, to help bring animals in danger to safety.

This post was originally published on 10/07/16

ASPCA Readies Responders for Hurricane Matthew

At the request of various state agencies, the ASPCA has activated its Disaster Response Team in anticipation of animal rescue and sheltering needs throughout the Southeast during Hurricane Matthew. The powerful storm is predicted to reach a Category 4 status as it makes its Eastern approach, and on Wednesday, our team began helping evacuate shelter animals at Glynn County Animal Control in Brunswick, Georgia. Many states have already declared a state of emergency, including Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and many counties in Georgia.

The ASPCA is urging pet owners to take proper precautions to keep pets and loved ones safe.  Now is the time to make sure that all animals are wearing ID tags with up-to-date contact information, and to create a portable emergency kit with items such as medical records, water bowls, extra food and any medications your pet may need.

"The ASPCA stands ready to assist animals in Matthew’s path, but the first and best line of defense for pets will always be a well-prepared owner,” said Dr. Dick Green, Senior Director of Disaster Response for the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team.

The ASPCA frequently responds to assist animals impacted by natural disasters. This operation occurs just weeks after we deployed to help approximately 450 animals affected by devastating floods in Louisiana and dangerous wildfires in Northern California. During emergency situations like this one, our ability to respond at a moment’s notice is dependent upon your support. We hope you will consider making a contribution to the ASPCA today to enable us to continue to be there for animals in need whenever disaster strikes.