Undercover Cats: Who They Are and Why They Need Us

November 22, 2021

Not sure what an “Undercover Cat” is? They’re a group of super special kitties. Read more to find out just who these cats are, how you can help them come out from undercover, and most importantly, why you should adopt one!

Who is an Undercover Cat

Undercover Cats are social and enjoy the company of people, but aren’t fond of shelter life, which means that it can be hard for them to show their true personalities when adopters meet them at the shelter. They are often hiding in their enclosures and might shy away if you try to pet them.

Since Undercover Cats may not interact with potential adopters, they tend to stay in the shelter longer, which only increases their levels of fear or stress.

Undercover Cats are simply looking for someone to give them the love they deserve and the time they need to adjust to a new home. The world can be a scary place but having a dependable caretaker to show you the way, at your own pace, makes it a whole lot easier. Undercover Cats have just as much love to give and make just as great of pets as any other cat!

Like humans, some may always remain a bit shy, while others will become gregarious—it just depends on the cat. Are you ready to take home the next James Bond or another feline super-spy? If so, click the “Adopt Me” button on the following page to submit an application!

Read on for more information on how to help an Undercover cat settle in at home.

What do Undercover Cats need to come out from undercover?

A quiet place: Undercover Cats need a quiet place to decompress from the stresses of shelter life. We recommend starting your Undercover Cat in a small, quiet room, such as a small bedroom or bathroom. Make the room extra cat-friendly by giving your new cat plenty of cozy hiding spaces both down low and up high. Our staff can help guide you on how to set up a cat-friendly, safe space for your Undercover Cat.

At their own pace: While still adjusting to their new home, Undercover Cats generally prefer to interact with people on their terms. Allowing your Undercover Cat to choose when and how they interact with you will help them learn to trust you. Sometimes, just acting like you’re not paying them any attention at all can go a long way in letting them know you mean no harm. Tasty treats help too!

Time and patience: Each Undercover Cat will need time to acclimate to their new home. Some might need just a few days while others might need a little longer. Patience is important. Trust us, that first time they head butt your hand or bat at a toy with their paw will be well worth the wait!