The TRUTH About Pit Bulls: What You Need to Know

October 21, 2021

To celebrate one of our favorite paw-lidays, National Pit Bull Awareness Day, we wanted to take the time to point out and clarify some interesting facts about pit bulls. You may think you know everything about this breed but see the TRUTH about these dogs below! 

1. They have a great fashion sense. Don’t even bother trying to upstage them. 

2. They never take things seriously. 

3. They’re all ferocious—get a load of this guy! 

4. They’re REALLY good at guilting you into treats. I mean… 

5. If you like cuddling—STAY AWAY!

6. Their smiles are impossible to compete with. 

7. They’re not afraid to throw some “shade” your way. 

8. Some even enjoy hanging out with kittens. Can you believe them?  

9. They’ll want to play with you all the time. 

10. And they may even try to kiss you! 

If playtime and kisses aren’t your thing, then steer clear of these lovebugs! Pit bulls, though often mislabeled and misrepresented, make amazing companions, though it’s important to remember when adopting that every dog’s needs and personalities are different. But, if you think you can look past a few common misconceptions, you may just find a loveable dog and great family pet! 

Not only is it National Pit Bull Awareness Day, but the entire month of October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! This month consider opening your heart and home to a deserving dog