Trio of Severely Matted, Malnourished Shih Tzus Recovers at the ASPCA Following NYPD Rescue

June 9, 2015

Janet, Chrissy and Jack were rescued by the NYPD in early May. The three Shih Tzus were malnourished and their coats were so matted that their vision was impaired. They were rushed to the ASPCA Animal Hospital where our expert staff provided medical care, grooming and a gradual feeding schedule to help the dogs gain weight safely. While this trio is making good progress, it is still too early to discuss their availability for adoption.

“We often care for victims of extreme matting—the impacts of which go far beyond the cosmetic,” says Howard Lawrence, Senior Director of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Group. “Severe matting can lead to skin infections, decreased mobility and even cut off circulation to the point of limb amputation. We’re thankful that in the course of a narcotics arrest the NYPD investigators were able to recognize animals in need and bring them to the ASPCA for care.”

We are optimistic that Janet, Chrissy and Jack will continue to improve under our care.

“This case exemplifies why the partnership is so important for this city’s most vulnerable animals, and we thank the Special Narcotics Prosecutor's Office for seeking justice in this case,” says Lawrence.

Although these sweet dogs are not currently available for adoption, there are a number of wonderful dogs at the ASPCA Adoption Center who are waiting to find loving homes.