Tiny Heart, Big Love: ASPCA Kitten Nursery Helps Save Valeria's Life

December 11, 2015

Tiny Heart, Big Love: ASPCA Kitten Nursery Helps Save Valeria's Life

At three weeks old, most kittens are snuggling with their mothers, opening their eyes for the first time and starting to explore the world. But Valeria is not like most kittens: At just three weeks old, the tiny black-and-white baby was injured, abandoned and left to die.

It was early October when it happened. A very cruel person put Valeria—who didn’t even weigh a single pound—into a brown paper bag and threw her out of a moving car’s window. Had she not been discovered by a Good Samaritan, it is highly likely that she would have died.

After she was found, Valeria was rushed to the ASPCA Animal Hospital. She was stabilized in the Intensive Care Unit before being transferred to our new neonatal ward, also known as the kitten nursery.

The kitten nursery was specifically designed to provide round-the-clock care for vulnerable newborn kittens, just like Valeria. There, Valeria was bottle-fed every two hours, warmed, soothed and nursed to health. Now, not only is she safer, happier and stronger than she likely ever would have been, but she is also nearly ready for adoption.

While Valeria’s beginning was tragic, the truth is that her situation is not unique. In fact, she was just one of the 1,523 neonatal kittens who came through the ASPCA’s kitten nursery this year alone.  But her story, and the stories of so many animals just like her, is why we so desperately need your help today.

When you make a gift to the ASPCA, you are supporting our kitten nursery and many other life-saving services for animals in need. From rescues to medical care and, ultimately, adoptions, we are committed to making a difference for abused and abandoned animals nationwide. So please, help us continue to be there for vulnerable animals like Valeria by donating today.