Thrown Out Like Trash: Tiny Pup Left Nearly Blind After Garbage Chute Drop

May 27, 2015

Thrown Out Like Trash: Tiny Pup Left Nearly Blind After Garbage Chute Drop

Frankie, a tiny Yorkshire terrier, was 18 months old when he was dropped down a garbage chute in a Bronx, New York, apartment building last September. He sustained skull fractures and neurological trauma from the fall, which left him nearly completely blind in both eyes. He weighed just four pounds when New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers rescued him and brought him to the ASPCA Animal Hospital.

Over the next three months, ASPCA veterinarians carefully monitored Frankie as his wounds healed. He quickly became a staff favorite, and ASPCA Director of Veterinary Technicians Jennifer Coyle even provided hands-on foster care for Frankie in her office.

Frankie when he came in to the ASPCA Animal Hospital

In December, a Manhattan native named Rose M. met Frankie while visiting the ASPCA during a break from her studies at Amherst College in Massachusetts. She fell in love and returned one month later to make the adoption official.

Rose patiently helped Frankie adjust to his new surroundings, which was a difficult process for the tiny pooch—compounded by his partial blindness.

Frankie after receiving care

“He is now well-adjusted, like any other fun-loving, cuddly Yorkie,” Rose says. “He loves his new home where he is meeting lots of new people and experiencing new things.”

This cuddly pup’s favorite activities include going on walks, chewing on household objects and playing "find it" with his favorite treats.

Rose and Frankie

In photos on his very own Instagram account, Frankie also reveals his mischievous side—“eating” Rose’s homework, consuming her reading materials and sitting at her computer while she works. He also models his new collection of stylish sweaters.

After a rough start, we’re so glad Frankie’s story has a happy ending and that he is receiving the care and love he so desperately needed. Want to help ensure happy endings for other animal cruelty victims like Frankie? Consider making a donation to the ASPCA today.