Thinking About Bringing Home a Horse? Start Here!

May 1, 2024

a woman in a pink jacket with a horse

It’s Adopt a Horse Month and there’s no better time to consider adopting your right horse. Adoption comes with a variety of amazing benefits and is an ethical and smart way to acquire a new four-legged friend.

My Right Horse lists hundreds of equines available from our reputable Adoption Partners around the country. With so many incredible horses to choose from, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to streamline your search.

What do you dream of doing with your new horse?

As you start your search, a great first question to ask yourself is what you want to do with your new equine. You may think you already know, but verbalizing or writing down your answer can help narrow (or open up) your search. For example, you may like riding but be most excited about spending time grooming your new horse. That might prompt you to ask a question you wouldn’t have considered previously: “Does this horse enjoy being brushed?”

Where will your horse live?

You might not have the answer yet, but this is a good thing to start thinking about. If you don’t have room to keep an equine on your own property, that’s okay! There are thousands of boarding facilities around the country that rent stalls or pasture. Your specific horse’s needs will influence this decision, but knowing what’s available in your area and within your budget and preferences is a good start.

What level of experience do you have with horses?

Equine adoption is for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned professional or are just starting your horse journey. But understanding and being honest about your experience and skill, both in handling horses on the ground or under saddle (if you choose to ride), is important to keep you safe and get the most out of your time with horses.

Will you be working with a professional trainer or instructor?

Having a riding instructor or trainer in your corner is always a great idea. They can help you build your skillset over time and problem-solve any challenges you encounter with your new horse. An instructor can help you meet your handling or riding goals and help train your new equine for your chosen activity. Look for professional credentials such as the Certified Horsemanship Association, check references, and visit an instructor or trainer to meet and observe them to ensure safety and a good fit.

What are your “must-haves” and what can you be flexible on?

The questions above should have helped you narrow down what kind of horse you’re looking for. As you start browsing adoptable horses on My Right Horse, knowing what you really want versus which traits you can be flexible on will help your horse search. Maybe you love a certain breed or want to find a horse who is a certain age, but temperament and training are more important to you. Knowing where you’re flexible can keep your search open and ensure you find the right horse to fit your needs.

What type of care are you willing to provide?

Horses are individuals with different needs and levels of management. Some adopters dream of a horse with a long, flowing mane, tail and feathers on their legs, while others don’t find the prospect of hours of meticulous grooming enjoyable. An older horse may require certain medication, but offer back years of wisdom, maturity and experience. A younger horse has many years of life ahead of them, but likely requires investment in their training. Some equines like to spend the night in a stall that must be cleaned daily, while others do better out in a pasture 24/7 (and may prefer to be covered in mud!). Consider your own lifestyle, skill, and how much time each day, week or month you’re able to dedicate to your horse so you can bring those thoughts to your adoption conversations.

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you’re more than ready to hit the ground running and find your right horse! Visit to browse hundreds of adoptable horses today.