These Rescue Kitties Have Some Serious Cattitude

May 29, 2020


In the summer months, feline breeding season peaks, leaving thousands of helpless kittens in need of care, cuddles and cozy beds. Thanks to friends like you and an incredible network of foster caregivers, we are able to help even the smallest kittens get strong and healthy until they are ready to find families to call their own. 

And while our kittens are in their foster homes, living in the literal “laps of luxury,” they can’t help but shed their initial fears, get comfortable and let their true personalities shine. Some even like to show off their mischievous sides and let their “cattitude” speak for itself. 

See below for two of our favorite sassy foster kitties!

When Golden and Glee arrived at their foster home at four weeks old, the sisters were still a little shaky on their legs and shy in their new surroundings.


Golden was pretty skeptical at first!

Kitten on couch

But in just a few days these little ladies had the lay of the land and decided they'd be going out of...

Cat in playpen

...and into their play pen all on their own!

Little Glee truly embraced the cat axiom: "if I fits, I sits." Whether she was deciding the dog bed really belonged to her...

Kitten in bed

...or trading the bed for a cozy nap time shoe.

Kitten in shoe

Although some "fits"...

a kitten in a cup

...led to spills.

kitten having fallen out of the cup

Meanwhile, Golden loved showing off her wand toy skills to her foster siblings.

kitten walking around with their tongue out

But she never quite figured out what was up with all that coffee her foster mom kept drinking.

a kitten chewing on a cup

The kittens turned out to be excellent at impressions. Golden and Glee had the different phases of their foster mom in the morning down perfectly!

a kitten on a couch

a kitten looking at a cup with its mouth open

Though Glee's "fifth videoconference of the day" impression might have been her best!

kitten chewing on headphones

When they weren't playing with toys, climbing or snuggling, these kittens loved playing "kick your sister in the face."

two kittens playing on the floor

(Golden usually won this game).

two kittens playing on a couch

With their days full day of mischief, these little ladies loved to snuggle up with each other for lots of naps—totally comfortable and at home in their new surroundings!

two kittens sleeping in a kitten condo

If you want to help more kittens and animals like these, you can make a lifesaving gift today to help us be there for those who need us most.