These Pitties Need Your Help Finding Homes

January 6, 2021

This week, we are shining an extra special spotlight on two fabulous pit bulls! Meet Max and Tony! These two pups are each looking for homes to call their own and adopters who will love them for who they are. 

Unfortunately, pit bulls often fall victim to unfair stereotypes and misconceptions and can sometimes spend more time in shelters than others. But these dogs are just like any other, and are looking for lots of love and homes where they can be themselves—it all just depends on who you meet! And let’s not forget about their adorable smiles and lovable personalities! 

See more about our sweet adoptable dogs below and find out how you can help find them homes!



This friendly goofball and older gentleman absolutely loves being around his people! Max can be a little unsure of the humans he doesn’t know too well, but once you’re friends, you’re friends for life. To Max, there’s no such thing as too many pets or scratches, and he willingly approaches his people and headbutts to ask for them.

Max is looking for an adopter who understands that going to a new home can be scary and that it may take him some time to adjust—and that that’s okay!



We have too many good things to say about Tony! A handsome man with a zest for life and a smile that lights up a room. He’s ready to go home with a family who can give him lots of love, a little playtime and maybe a little training, too!

Tony is a loveable, friendly gentleman who enjoys nothing more than being told what a good boy he is and reveling in all of the love and praise that his people are willing to give him! He has never met a stranger, anyone he meets is his friend right away! Tony is looking for a family who’s ready to give him the training he needs to become his best self and help him work on his doggy social skills, too!

If you are interested in learning more or want to make any of these pitties your new best friend, please take a look at their full profiles and fill out our Dog Adoption Survey with their name. And even if you aren’t ready to adopt today, please share this post on your social media channels with your family and friends and let them know that Tony and Max need help finding homes!