These Kitties “Mustache” You a Question! Will You Adopt Emily or Stache?

January 25, 2024


These two wonderful L.A. cats are eager to meet you! Stache and Emily are adorable siblings who could be adopted into separate homes, but they would be double the fun if you adopted them together!



As his name suggests, Stache has a cute little mustache and a face that you’re certain to fall in love with. Stache needs a little time to warm up to new environments, but once he gets to know you, he’s a real sweetie!

Stache loves to play and hang out with his BFF Emily, and he gets along great with his foster’s resident cats as well. He especially loves to follow his foster’s male cat around and watch everything he does. If Stache notices you petting another cat, he’ll push his way to the front to get all the pets. He just really loves attention! Stache loves to look out the window and watch the day go by. He also loves snacking on a tasty cat treat and playing with all types of toys, including balls, laser toys and feather wand toys.

Stache would love to be adopted along with his sister, or into a home with another friendly cat to keep him company. If Stache sounds like the perfect fit for your home, visit his profile to submit an application!



Emily is a sweet, sensitive girl. She would do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter who will allow her time to adjust and settle into her new home.

Once Emily has had time to get to know you, she’s a sweetheart and loves to be pet. She’s the kind of cat who is equally playful and calm. She likes to throw herself around on the floor to get your attention, and then raise her haunches for scratches—something she learned from another cat in her foster home! She also loves to look out the window and take cat naps. She also enjoys snacking on tasty cat treats and playing with balls, laser toys and feather wand toys.

Emily enjoys the company of other cats. She is especially close with Stache, and she gets along great with her foster’s resident cats as well. Emily would love to be adopted with her bestie Stache or another social kitty, as having a cat buddy around helps her feel more comfortable and confident. If you’d like to bring Emily the lovebug home, check out her profile to submit an application!