These Four Horses Will Charm Their Way into Your Hearts and Barns!

December 8, 2021

As the new year approaches, could it also be time to bring home a new horse? There are hundreds of wonderful horses looking for homes this holiday season, and the ASPCA’s Right Horse Adoption Partners are experts at matching good people to good horses. If you’ve ever considered bringing a new horse into your family, it’s a great time to take the next step toward bringing your #RightHorse home.

Meet four special horses who are looking for homes to call their own!


Do you love horses? Kite is a horse who loves to be loved, so you two could be the perfect match! She is 20 years old and about as kind and gentle as they come; she loves to spend time with her people. Kite’s feet can get sore, so she’d prefer you mostly stay off her back and by her side but there’s no doubt that together you’ll be ready to conquer the world.

If Kite has flown away with your heart, check out her profile and click on “inquire about adopting” to get started!

Fabulous Princess

We think it’d be a fabulous idea for you to adopt Fabulous Princess! Princess, as she’s known around the barn and among her friends, tried her hoof at racing and is now ready for new adventures. She’s well-traveled and finished her last race in Puerto Rico. Now, this jet-setting Thoroughbred mare is being retrained under saddle and shows potential for many different disciplines. Could this Fabulous #RightHorse be the one for you?

If you’d like to roll out the royal carpet for this #RightHorse, check out her profile to learn more and apply to adopt.

Bruce Almighty

Tiny and bursting at the seams with personality, maybe Bruce is the #RightHorse for you! Standing at 37” tall, this handsome 15-year-old gelding is blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. It doesn’t seem to bother him, but he would do best in a home with solid fencing to keep him safe. He is calm, good-natured and will surely be the delight of your barn. Like his namesake says: “That’s the way the cookie crumbles!”

Could tiny, mighty Bruce Almighty be the pony for you? Visit his profile to learn more and click “inquire about adopting” to learn more.


Denny might just be a real-life unicorn! This handsome, older gelding is kind and has years of wisdom to share with his future adopter. He loves being groomed and doted on and is always willing to take his person on short rides. Denny would be a great companion for other horses, and his adorable gray hairs tell of a lifetime of memories.

If Denny sounds like the perfect fit for you and your family, visit Denny’s adoption profile and click “inquire about adopting” to learn more.

If Denny, Bruce Almighty, Fabulous Princess and Kite aren’t quite your right horse, don’t despair! Visit to browse hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide by breed, sex or discipline.