A "Tail" of Two Sarahs

January 6, 2016

To help ring in the New Year, we’re bringing you the Happy Tail of Sara, a sweet senior cat whose journey to a permanent home took more than seven years. We hope that her story will inspire others to open their home to an animal in need in 2016. Here’s Sara’s Happy Tail.

Sara first arrived at the ASPCA in 2007 after being found as a stray. Just five months old at the time, the black kitty was shy, nervous and sensitive—but not without a curious side. When approached slowly, Sara would sniff inquisitively and then gradually allow petting. We were thrilled to see her adopted less than two weeks after her arrival, and soon returned our focus to the many animals still in need of a home.

Fast forward to April, 2015. It had been more than seven years since we had seen Sara, so we were saddened and surprised to see her returned to the ASPCA. She had grown into a mature senior cat, but still maintained her sensitive, youthful nature. We began anew the search for an adopter, and in November, we met someone perfect: Sarah.

That’s right, Sara met Sarah, and it was love at first sight. Of her journey to the ASPCA, Sarah (the human) told us, “I grew up with cats and had been missing having a kitty companion in my life. I knew there were lots of wonderful cats who were looking for a good home and who would have a lot of love to give.” She began browsing Adoptable Cats on our website, and that’s where she first spotted Sara the cat. “Black cats have always had a special place in my heart,” she said.

At the ASPCA Adoption Center, Sarah asked to meet Sara in person. “When I was introduced to her, I knew I wanted to take her home. She and I clicked right away, and the volunteers were so happy when they saw how much she liked me!” Sara went home with Sarah that same night.

To make things a little less confusing, Sarah amended Sara’s name to Saro. She tells us that Saro took a little bit of time adjusting to her new home—at first she hid under the dresser—but slowly ventured out more and more. “She’s been getting comfortable in her new home,” Sarah says. “Her favorite place is my bed, where she likes to curl up under my covers to sleep.”

True to her curious nature, Saro has begun to explore her surroundings more with each passing day. “I am letting her take things in her own time as she continues to adjust. She quickly made my roommates fall in love with her, as well,” Sarah says.

Although it took seven years and two adoptions, it seems that Saro has finally found a home that will last forever. Sarah says, “I am looking forward to spending many more years with her.” Congrats, you two!