Swyft Media Creates ASPCA-Themed Stickers, Icons, Wallpapers and More

December 29, 2014

If you use the BlackBerry Messenger app on iOS, Android or Blackberry devices, you can now support the ASPCA while you communicate with family and friends. For every ASPCA-themed sticker you send, 3-4% of the purchase price goes back to the ASPCA and our fight against animal cruelty.

For the iPhone and Android users out there, you can let your support for the ASPCA take over with ASPCA-themed wallpapers and icons, available on CocoPPa and HipScreens. 3-4% of the purchase price goes back to the ASPCA.

And for the ASPCA supporters who are gamers, you can now customize your Xbox Avatar’s style with ASPCA-themed digital accessories, props and merchandise. 3-4% of the purchase prices goes back to the ASPCA.